Auckland, New Zealand Skate Strategy

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Auckland, New Zealand

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Type: Policy

Status: Initiated in 2001

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Skateboarding and inline skating have grown rapidly in popularity particularly over the last 10 years, firmly establishing themselves in Auckland, not only as popular recreation activities, but also as recognised sports.

Skateboarding values the individual, it is a form of self-expression, it is inexpensive, it is challenging, it can be social and it is fun! Inline skating is not so dominated by the younger age group and has broader appeal than skateboarding. While inline skating is a sport for some, the majority are skating for fitness and recreation.

Auckland City has the important role of providing, managing and maintaining skate facilities, and balancing the needs of skaters with those of the wider community. The skate strategy sets direction for providing and managing skating activities. This is achieved through a combination of the following:

  • Providing skate facilities - where and why facilities will be provided/improved.
  • Guidelines for developing skate facilities.
  • How skate facilities will be maintained and managed.
  • Management of skating in public places -legislation, code of conduct, designated skate routes/no-skate zones, planning and designing for skaters in the urban environment.
  • Education and awareness - enhancing the image of skating.

The strategy focuses on the needs of the skateboarder and inline skater. It does not address the needs of competition skating or those who pursue more specialist forms of skating, such as roller hockey.

Download a copy of the 2001 skate strategy in PDF format. (42KB)