Edmonton, Alberta Planning Academy

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Edmonton, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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What is the Planning Academy?
The City of Edmonton’s Planning Academy offers a series of courses designed to provide a better understanding of the planning and development process in Edmonton.

The Program consists of core and elective courses. Participants can earn a Certificate of Participation by completing the three core courses and one elective course. Participants are welcome to take any course, in any order, whether or not it will lead to a certificate.

The City developed Planning Academy to help Edmontonians:

  • better understand and participate in the planning process, and
  • better understand the roles, rights and interests of all parties involved in the planning and development process.

The Planning Department will offer each course at least once a year and city staff will facilitate the courses. Courses vary in length from three to six hours and participants will receive a manual, instruction, and light refreshments. Sessions will consist of discussions and “real life” activities to increase participants’ understanding.

What Courses can I Take?
There are 3 core courses:

1. Land Use Planning: The Big Picture
2. Getting a Grip on Land Use Planning
3. Come Plan with Us: Using Your Voice

There are 2 elective courses:

1. Transportation
2. Urban Design