Warwick, RI Lead Hazard Reduction Program

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Warwick, RI, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

Source File: http://www.warwickri.gov/communitydevelopment/leadgrant/main.htm


Warwick Lead Hazard Reduction Program
Providing financial and technical assistance to homeowners and landlords to reduce hazards due to lead-based paint in Warwick’s housing.

Program Goals:

  • To reduce the exposure of Warwick’s children to lead paint and other sources.
  • To increase public awareness about the hazards of lead paint.
  • To promote safe and effective methods of reducing lead paint hazards.
  • To provide grants/loans to homeowners and landlords to reduce lead hazards in housing.
  • To collect information on the most cost effective techniques for lead paint hazard reduction.

Warwick Lead Hazard Reduction Program Guidelines and Resources:
In order to meet the goals outlined above, a number of resources are available to homeowners, landlords, and tenants:

Loan Information & Eligibility Requirements - Residential properties or apartments constructed before 1978 may be eligible for up to $10K assistance.

Application - To determine eligibility for this program, please fill out our secure, online form.

Primary Resources:

Key Questions - Lead poisoning is one of the most common environmental child health problems in the United States and is caused by too much lead in the body. Lead is especially harmful to children younger than 6, but anyone who eats, drinks or breathes something which has too much lead can get lead poisoning. Some of the most common questions are:

Additional Resources - If you are looking for more clinical information about lead poisoning, or would like to learn more about State and Federal resources and recommendations, try our extensive link library.

Lead education for kids - Did you know that lead poisoning is the most common childhood environmental danger in Rhode Island? Click here to learn more about lead.