Las Vegas, NV Sustainable Energy Strategy

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 9/3/08



WHEREAS, the City of Las Vegas adopted a Climate Protection Resolution (R-), making a commitment to be a leader in the reduction of green house gas emissions; and

WHEREAS, the City’s Sustain Las Vegas Policy promotes the environmentally-responsible, sustainable development of the City of Las Vegas, by reducing overall energy consumption, developing infrastructure to facilitate sustainable development, and supporting efforts to improve air quality and conserve non-renewable resources; and

WHEREAS, the City Council approved the Workshop on Sustainability report, establishing a strategic framework that introduces sustainability into City codes and policies, organizational practices, and community programs; and

WHEREAS, a comprehensive sustainable energy strategy will implement the City’s Climate Protection Resolution, Sustain Las Vegas Policy, and Sustainability Workshop Report by addressing energy conservation and renewable energy in City codes and policies, organizational practices and community programs; and

WHEREAS, an energy strategy meets the City’s value of Innovation to meet the present and the future needs of the city as well as the Strategic Priorities of the city council: create, integrate, and manage orderly and sustainable development and growth of our community, manage costs and revenue resources to achieve efficient operations, support and encourage sustainability, livability, and pride in our neighborhoods, aggressively attract and retain diverse businesses, promote healthy lifestyles for all segments of the community, and provide a safe environment for our residents, businesses and visitors using a community oriented approach; and

WHEREAS, established City sustainability policy dictates that it is no longer acceptable to allocate public resources based solely on financial analysis, but rather decisions on energy projects, policies and programs must also take into consideration environmental health, economic strength, and social well-being; and

WHEREAS, the City is facing the possibility of higher energy costs, renewable energy and energy efficiency can help meet growing energy demands while setting an energy conservation precedent for the region and state; and

WHEREAS, energy conservation and the development of renewable energy sources may have benefits for the community and region, including economic development, job creation, municipal cost savings, and improved air quality; and

WHEREAS, the City continues to demonstrate leadership in energy strategies by requiring new City buildings meet or exceed LEED-Silver requirements, participating in EnergyStar programs, installing efficient lighting, managing mechanical systems in buildings, controlling use of machines and electronic equipment, and establishing sustainability committees and programs such as the Green Council, the CELEBRATE Committee, and the Green Building Program; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the City Council of the City of Las Vegas adopts a Sustainable Energy Strategy.

Further resolved to take action on renewable energy and energy conservation programs consistent with established sustainability and climate protection policy, and that these actions take into consideration the life-cycle costs and benefits to the environment, quality of life, the well being of citizens and employees, overall livability as it pertains to the community, and the local economy.