Chicago, IL Green Roof Grants Program

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Chicago, IL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Announced on 11/2/05

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City Launches Green Roof Grants Program
Residential and Small Commercial Building Owners can qualify for $5,000 for Green Roof Project

The City of Chicago has been recognized for its commitment to environmental issues. The City is furthering the cause of making Chicago the greenest city in the country with a new grant program for green roofs. Owners of residential and small commercial buildings will have an opportunity to get a $5,000 grant to help with the planning and installation of a green roof.

“Green roofs provide tremendous benefits to the environment, to building owners and to quality of life in the city. This is exemplified by the fact that more than 150 public and private green roof projects have been completed or are underway throughout the City” said Department of Environment Commissioner, Sadhu Johnston. “This new grant program will enable home owners and small businesses to install green roofs.”

A limited number of grants (20) will be awarded. In addition to supporting residential and small business owners with green roof costs, the City hopes that the grants will increase the public’s awareness of green roofs. A written commitment will be required to maintain the green roof project for at least 5 years. Small commercial buildings must be less than 10,000 square feet.

Green roofs have a number of benefits, both for an individual building owner and the City of Chicago community. The primary benefits include reducing storm water runoff. Green roofs hold rain like a sponge - moisture is then dissipated naturally thereby relieving pressure on an already taxed storm sewer system. A reduction in the urban heat island effect is another reason the City is encouraging both the public and private sector to get involved.

A reduction in the energy requirements for a building is another key benefit. Lowering the ambient temperature of the roof's surface, green roofs slow the transfer of heat into the building, making it easier to cool in the summer. Buildings require less energy to heat during the winter because of the additional insulation. Green roofs also create conditions for a longer-lasting roof system.