Dubbo, Australia Green Power Program

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Dubbo, Australia

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Type: Program

Status: Conducted from April - September 2006

Source File: http://www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/public/content/default.asp?xcid=3551&


Growing concern for climate change related impacts on local communities led to the development of a Green Power educational campaign which ran from April - September 2006. The NSW Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS), Dubbo City Council and Country Energy worked together on a combined program to encourage the uptake of Green Power.

Green Power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as the wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

The primary objective was to increase Green Power awareness and educate consumers on the important role that renewable energy generation plays in helping prevent climate change.

Evidence demonstrates that the continued use of fossil-fuelled electricity, (which contributes 38% of greenhouse gas emissions), effectively damages our climate and will change our environment and our local communities in the future.

One of the potential consequences of climate change is an increase in the frequency and intensity of severe weather events such as drought, which has created extreme conditions in many areas, including Dubbo.

This was the first campaign of its kind involving a combined effort from two tiers of government and industry to create awareness of accredited renewable energy.

Our future relies heavily on the community and businesses to take serious action to prevent climate change.

As part of the program, displays and brochures were available at Council’s Civic Administration Building and additional information was included with the April 2006 rates notices and the Community Connection newsletter, as well as a series of print and radio adverts.

The program resulted in a 300% increase of Green Power customers in the Dubbo area. These households are to be congratulated for their ongoing contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

Its not too late to choose Green Power.