Anchorage School District, AK Environmentally Sound Practices

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Anchorage, Alaska, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Revised on 6/5/00

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770 Environmentally Sound Practices, Conservation, Waste Minimization
The District will maintain environmentally safe schools. The District office and all schools are encouraged to achieve Green Star awards. As such the District will strive to support resource and environmental stewardship through education and by conducting its asset management practices in a manner that conserves the environment and minimizes waste.

a. The District is committed to a program of education for students and staff which incorporates these principles into the educational curriculum and is a part of staff training objectives.

b. Asset management practices shall promote improved productivity and efficiency by:

(1) Identifying conservation opportunities and improving the efficiency of building systems through the implementation of energy conservation practices without affecting occupant comfort;
(2) Reducing or eliminating waste;
(3) Reusing as much material as possible, and recycling; and
(4) Reducing air emissions from mobile and stationary sources.