Miami University, OH Smoke-Free Environment

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Miami University, OH, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Effective as of 8/1/08

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In order to promote the health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, all Miami University campuses are designated Smoke-Free Environments. Smoking is defined as the burning of tobacco or any other material in any type of smoking equipment, including, but not restricted to, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

Smoking is prohibited in all Miami University-owned facilities and on the grounds of any university-owned property. This includes all buildings owned or controlled by Miami University, shelters, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, indoor and outdoor theatres, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, residence halls, parking lots and garages. Smoking is prohibited on sidewalks that adjoin University property. Smoking is also prohibited in any vehicle or equipment owned, leased or operated by Miami University.

Miami University actively promotes and provides smoking cessation assistance and nicotine replacement therapy to students, faculty, staff, as well as their benefit-eligible spouse/domestic partner. Many services are provided at no cost or a reduced cost. Interested employees should contact Employee Health and Well-Being at Interested students should contact Student Health Services.


  • Personal Automobile. Smoking is permitted in personal automobiles parked on University premises.
  • Hotel/Lodging. The President is authorized to establish a designated smoking area in the exterior area surrounding any location that provides overnight guest accommodations in a lodge or hotel fashion. This authorization includes the Marcum Conference Center, the Miami Inn, Climer Guest House, Simpson Shade Guest House, Patterson Place, and any other location housing overnight guests. The designated smoking area must be at least twenty-five (25) feet from any University building.

Faculty, staff, and students violating this policy are subject to University disciplinary action. Violators may also be subject to prosecution for violation of Ohio's Smoking Ban (Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3794). Visitors who violate this policy may be denied access to Miami University campuses and may ultimately be subject to arrest for criminal trespass.