Anacortes, WA Establishing an Arts Commission

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Anacortes, WA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted in 2005

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WHEREAS, the City of Anacortes is interested in maintaining and promoting public art in possession of the City or sited on public property, and

WHEREAS, there is an interest in acquiring and placing public art, and

WHEREAS, there is a need for a group to support and work cooperatively with artists, arts organizations and art educators, and

WHEREAS, there is a need for a board to advise the City in matters pertaining to public arts and culture,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Anacortes that an Arts Commission be created with the following rules and guidelines:

Mission Statement: The Anacortes Arts Commission supports excellence, vitality, diversity and accessibility of the arts as essential to the quality of life for all Fidalgo and Guemes Island residents by fostering a community cultural vision through the acquisition, placement and maintenance of public art and by promoting participation, innovation and partnerships in all the performing, visual and literary arts.

Commission Structure-Membership. The Commission is an advisory body with no less than seven and no more than nine appointed Commissioners. A majority of members will be Anacortes residents. In addition to the above members, the Commission may include one non-voting member who is a student in the Anacortes School District at the time of appointment and throughout the term of his/her office. The Commission will elect commission officers, which will include a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary who will serve for at least one year. It will be a working commission.

Appointment. The Mayor shall appoint the Commissioners per RCW Chapter 35A12.

Commission Terms. Initially, all Commissioners will be appointed to terms ending December 31, 2006. Three members will then be appointed for a three-year term, three members will be appointed for a two-year term, and the remaining member(s) will be appointed for a one-year term. These commission terms will be determined by lottery. Commissioners may then be re-appointed for additional three-year consecutive terms on a rotational basis with the exclusion of the high school student-member. The studentmember will serve a fixed term of one year.

Commission Responsibilities. The Commission will be responsible for the following:

a. Developing strong relationships within the City of Anacortes, including the Mayor, City Council Members and City departmental representatives, serving as a consultative resource on matters of aesthetic and artist importance.
b. Represent the City in art matters in cooperative arrangements with other government agencies and private organizations, as authorized.
c. Identify and recommend potential locations for public art, prescribe procedures for the selection, acquisition and display of such art and oversee the process of selection and placement of public art.
d. Work cooperatively with other area arts organizations in assimilating information about arts activities and events
e. Encourage education, innovation and community participation in visual, literary and performing arts.
f. Actively working to promote fund raising and coordination of donations for public art projects.
g. Maintain an inventory of public art and provide advice for its oversight and maintenance.

Meetings. All Commission meetings will be open to the public and notice of the meetings will comply with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act. The Commission will hold regular meetings at least monthly. The Commission will keep minutes of its regular public meetings and records of all official actions that will be made available to the public upon approval of the minutes by the Commission. A majority of all the members of the Commission will constitute a quorum at a regular or special meeting of the Commission.

Procedures. The Commission will establish its own procedures and rules for the transaction of its business. The rules of the Commission will provide that The Commission may appoint subcommittees in order to meet those functions and responsibilities of the Commission. Subcommittee members need not be on the Commission. Any subcommittee appointed by the Commission will be advisory to the Commission only.

Operational support. The Arts Commission operational budget will be a sub-category of the Parks and Recreation budget. The Parks and Recreation department will also be able to provide limited administrative and staff support for the Commission.

Creation of Municipal Arts Fund. In addition to an operational budget there will be established a special fund entitled “The Municipal Arts Fund” into which all funds will be deposited that are appropriated by or received by the City from whatever source for the purpose of acquisition of or otherwise providing for the advancement of visual, literary and performing arts within the City, including federal, state, and municipal funds, or funds from private individuals or agencies or any other funds which the City may received or come into possession of from time to time.

Annual Plan. The Commission will develop an annual plan describing the projects to be initiated by the Commission funded through the Municipal Arts Fund. The plan will be transmitted to the Mayor who will present the plan to the council. The council will review the plan to be approved for spending authority as part of the normal budget process each year. Authority to accept donations. The City may receive offers of donations of artwork or funds for public art. Potential donors will be referred to the Commission to discuss the nature of the gift and for review and approval. After review, the Commission will recommend consideration or rejection of the offer and make a site recommendation if applicable. All financial gifts, bequests, and artwork donations accepted by the Commission are subject to the approval by council.

Art work placement. No work of art financed or installed either wholly or in part with the Municipal Art Funds or grants procured by the City shall be installed on privately owned property without a written agreement between the City and the owner specifying the proprietary interests in the work of art, and specifying other provisions deemed necessary or desirable by the City Attorney. In addition, such written agreements shall specify that the private property owner shall assure, 1) That the installation of the work of art will be done in a manner which will protect the work of art and the public; 2) That the work of art will be maintained in good condition; and 3) That insurance and indemnification will be provided as is appropriate.