Safety Escort Service, Arizona State University

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Safety Escort Service, Arizona

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Safety Escort is open 7 - 3am everyday!

The Safety Escort Service is one of the best services that ASASU provides to students. The Safety Escort Service ensures students, faculty, and staff a safer alternative than walking alone to campus parking lots, structures, and residence halls, utilizing the idea of the "buddy system". In the form of a golf cart the Safety Escort Service will provide an escort for free from any on-campus location to another throughout the evening.

Call us at 480.965.1515 to set up a one-time escort appointment. If you want to be picked up consistently on a certain day every week at the same time, call and request to be put on the "regulars list". Once on the list, there is no need to call in the future. Safety Escort Service Drivers will arrive as close to the requested time as possible.

We will be closed during the winter break and we will remain open during summer classes!