Richmond, British Columbia Environmental Purchasing Guide

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Richmond, Canada

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

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Environmental purchasing refers to selecting those goods and services which promote a healthier community and environment.

We can reduce waste and energy use by purchasing materials with recycled content, use less packaging and/or are more durable......

We can reduce contaminants in the environment by purchasing materials that are less toxic and generate less pollution......

We can use fewer natural resources and encourage economic development in the recycling industry by purchasing recycled materials......

City's Commitment to Environmental Purchasing
Practicing environmental purchasing is an important way that the City of Richmond demonstrates its commitment to our island environment.

To assist staff in selecting products and services that promote a healthy environment, the City of Richmond has adopted an Environmental Purchasing Policy and an Environmental Purchasing Guide. While created in Richmond, the Environmental Purchasing Guide was designed to assist municipal staff across British Columbia.

Click here to download the 7.3 MB guide.