Ivins City, UT Opposing Construction of a Coal-Fired Power Plant

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Ivins City, UT, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 12/20/07

Vote: In Favor - 4 Opposed - 1

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WHEREAS, the State of Nevada is considering giving Sithe Global Power, Inc. permission to construct the Toquop Power Project, a coal-fired power plant twelve miles north of Mesquite on Utah’s border directly west of Ivins City; and

WHEREAS, the Bureau of Land Management’s draft Environmental Impact Statement states that the following toxic substances will be released every year for the 50 to 60 year lifetime of this plant: Sulfur Dioxide, Hazardous Air Pollutants including Benzene, Carbon Dioxide, Mercury, NH3, Volatile Organic Compounds, NOx, PM 10, Lead and Carbon Dioxide; and

WHEREAS, the aforementioned substances are known respiratory irritants, carcinogens, global warming pollutants, neurological disrupters that can cause brain damage in fetuses and neurological problems in children, and asthma triggers; and they also exacerbate respiratory problems, increase smog, form ground-level ozone, contribute to the formation of acid rain, deteriorate water quality and contribute to global warming; and

WHEREAS, the draft Environmental Impact Statement did not adequately analyze the impacts of increased air pollution on the economy of cities in Washington County, the adverse environmental effects of increased air pollution on human health, the adverse effects of mercury in drinking water, or the Project’s impact on climate change; and

WHEREAS, the draft Environmental Impact Statement did not include renewable energy sources as alterntives to coal or natural gas fired energy production; and

WHEREAS, good air quality benefits the health and well being of Ivins’ residents, and preserves their views of the natural scenic beauty of Ivins; and

WHEREAS, it is essential to the success of the growing tourism industry in Ivins that good air quality be maintained; and

WHEREAS, protecting air quality was ranked number one among sixteen options for government priorities in the Vision Dixie process;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF IVINS CITY, STATE OF UTAH that it opposes the construction of the coal-fired Toquop Power Project and urges the State of Nevada, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection and the Bureau of Land Management to deny the proposed coal-fired alternative, and seek other less impacting alternatives to provide for the power needs of Nevada.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Ivins City Council urges Utah’s Governor, Jon Huntsman, the Utah Congressional Delegation, the Washington County Commission, and the elected officials of the cities and towns in Washington County to be united in the effort to protect Utah’s air quality and the quality of life of the residents of Washington County.