University of Montana Condemning the Use of "Taser" Guns

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Type: Resolution

Status: Failed on 11/29/06

Vote: In Favor - 6 Opposed - 13

Source File:


Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM)

Resolution condemning ‘Taser’ use by the Department of Public Safety

Whereas, the use of ‘Taser’ guns are both dangerous and unnecessary, especially on The University of Montana campus;

Whereas, the recent events at The University of California Los Angeles are evidence that the use of ‘Tasers’ are not only threatening to students and their ability to learn, but they also have potential legal repercussions that could be detrimental to The University of Montana and the Office of Public Safety;

Whereas, the students of The University of Montana believe that situations should be resolved peacefully;

Whereas, the use of ‘Taser’ guns are a violent method to conflict resolutions;

Therefore, Let It Be Resolved that the Associated Students of The University of Montana call upon the Office of Public Safety to discontinue the use of ‘Taser’ guns.