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Green Networking

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GreenPolicy360 Global Networking

Going Green with GreenPolicy360: Tens of Millions of Shares


GreenPolicy360, powered up by M Channel Online


Generation Green / .net / .org

"Greening Our Blue Planet"

GreenPolicy360: #GrowingGreen, #GoingGreen



GreenLinks / Green Networking / Green Action

Digital Citizen

Digital Rights

Disinformation - Online - Dangerous

Fact Checking

Fact Checking and Embedded Links


Internet of Things and Intelligent Energy Efficiency

Mobile Internet

Online Privacy

Privacy on the Net-Online Rights

Strategic Policy-Internet Online Rights

Virtual Private Network

Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki

World Wide Web

Get with the Action @GreenPolicy360

Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources
Climate Problems, Climate Solutions
Generation Green
Going Green
Planet Citizen Action
Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

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GreenLinks Permalinks

Green Digital Rights Movement
Going Green, #GreenNetworking

Network with Our GreenLinks Network

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GreenPolicy360: Developed to Share Green Best Practices

Going Green on Social Media

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GreenPolicy360 Best Practices

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GreenPolicy360 (.com/.net/.org, GreenLinks and associated social media sites) is an an online network of green best practices.

GreenPolicy360's online eOS expands best practice business concepts to distributive web sharing of successful green policies and practices.

Successful green models of initiatives, resolutions/laws/ordinances, data and project information is gathered and organized via keywords/categories/topicsans locations.

Green best practices are easily searched, shared and networked...



From GreenPolicy360's Introduction:

Welcome to our network.

We are grassroots-powered and open to "greens of all colors." We are built on a MediaWiki platform. We're an eOS, an eco-operating system.

GreenPolicy360 presents best practices -- practical and visionary green policy solutions. We are a database and go-to e-resource where a keyword can deliver multiple examples of green initiatives and projects, real-world models and templates from and for your location, town, village, city, state, country or region.

We are -- Greening Our Blue Planet


Networking via Wiki

GreenPolicy360 is built-to-network on an open-source MediaWiki platform

Our goal is to bring forward and multiply the benefits of sharing green successes as the challenges of modern times confront us.

Sharing is giving

β€’ Sharing Economy --

β€’ Crowdsourcing --

β€’ Crowdfunding --

β€’ Collective Intelligence / Crowdsolving --

β€’ Peer-to-Peer -- ...


GreenPolicy360: OrganizationTemplate

Networking tags:

Peer Economy; Crowdfunding; Open Source; Maker Spaces; Subscription Model; Collaborative Consumption

Citizen science; Clickworkers; Collaborative innovation network; Collective consciousness; Collective intelligence; Collective problem solving;

Commons-based peer production; Crowd computing; Crowdcasting; Crowdfixing; Crowdsourcing software development; Distributed thinking; Distributed Proofreaders;

Government crowdsourcing; List of crowdsourcing projects (; Microcredit; Open value network;

Participatory democracy; Participatory monitoring; Social collaboration; Virtual Collective Consciousness; Virtual volunteering; Wisdom of the crowd


Sharing Facts and Avoiding 'Dis- and Mis-information'

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Digital Rights Tag Cloud from


A GreenPolicy360 case study of "Citizen Science in Action"

Air Mapping: Mapping & Monitoring Your Community for Health and Safety





Citizen Science
Digital Rights
Earth and Space, Politics
Environmental Studies Online
Merchants of Doubt
Stats - Green Research & Science


Venture On with Best Green Ideas


Planet Citizens Best Practices check sm.png

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists 🌎

Planet Citizen Action 🌎

SJS / GreenPolicy Siterunner:
Planet citizen action begins with a decision to go, to become actionable, choosing to create rippling forces of change...
Being green is to be a planet citizen, stepping up, venturing, and making a positive difference every day.

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