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Welcome to the GreenPolicy360 Network

GreenPolicy360's eco Operating System: Tens of Millions of Visits & Shares

GreenPolicy360's terrestrial home is located in Clearwater, FL, the Caribbean (see left-center of International Space Station photo)
A tip of our blue-green seafaring cap to Captain-Astronaut Scott Kelly for his 'most beautiful from space' capture of our home planet

'Most beautiful from space' the Bahamas by Scott Kelly Apr 26, 2015.png


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About Us

Welcome to GreenPolicy360

We are a globally connected eOS/eco Operating System

We are a young and old Generation Green, Going Green

Your GreenPolicy360 Founder/Siterunner:

Oct2006 SJS 204x287.jpg
Steven J Schmidt (SJS)
2006, Clearwater, Florida

Contact GreenPolicy360 at our terrestrial home base

e-Mail: [email protected]

@Clearwater, Florida

Siterunner | User talk:Siterunner

"The mission of GreenPolicy360 is found in protecting life, the Commons, our home"


Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

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Greening Our Blue Planet

GRN360 projects -- thousands of Green Best Practices, successful local/regional/national and international models shared... from Democracy support to Legal Enforcement of National Climate Pledges thru Shareable Climate Law & Best Practices, from Resilient Living Coastlines to Protecting Our Living Earth... A to Z and in languages across the world and communities linked across continents, we have worked for decades to network and protect our Living Earth and Quality of Life.


GreenPolicy360's interactive eOS, 'eco Operating System' supports green values and projects globally. We are connecting green work through interactive, online networking. We bring eco-ethics, values-based politics, the Internet and World Wide Web together to empower today's connected citizens.

Over a hundred million GreenPolicy360 users across all the nations of Planet Earth have used y/our online network to make a positive difference. Our GreenLinks additionally share resources, models, and environmental protection solutions. Join in to discover visionary eco-news and "Green Best Practices".

We are a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-national community. The work we do every day brings change and makes a last, positive difference.

We offer a helping hand to each Planet Citizen and deep appreciation to all Planet Citizens for improving, protecting and sustaining Life on Earth.


GreenPolicy360 believes in "change, change for the better" as 'planet citizens' of a blue-green 360° world so magnificently first viewed in December 1968 from the Apollo 8 mission.

The GreenPolicy360 network is a clearinghouse where you can find what works and 'repurpose' green policies and practices without ‘reinventing the wheel’. Take the green best practices offered via Topics and Categories and pass them along. Be an 'Influencer' and 'Change Maker'!


We Encourage non-commercial sharing of images/content/data presented at GreenPolicy360

Our GreenPolicy360 network and eOS (eco Operating System), including GreenLinks globally, continues providing a platform of "green best practices" and featured news stories.

Re: sharing information, GreenPolicy360 attempts to provide digital citations, internet links, educational resources and references for further study and use of our content. We offer 'DOI' links... DOI refers to Digital Object Identifier, the unique and never-changing string assigned to online (journal) articles, books, and other works. Citation style guides, like APA, MLA Handbook, and Chicago Manual of Style recommend including them in citations.

Search & Share

Green Networking

Connect cooperative networking 2a.jpg

GreenPolicy360 highlights the importance of facts and science

We are Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

Good science needs good data .png


Generation Green

We are a generation that started up in the 1960s/70s a modern environmental movement and carried on into global environmental politics. We raised a 'call to action'. At GreenPolicy360 we focus on science and facts as a foundation in our Green activism.

GreenPolicy360, Facts & Data

GreenPolicy360, Our Policy on Science

Earth Day Flag.png
A Whole Earth Point of View

Over the years beginning with peace organizing and 'teach ins' that led to the first Earth Day, we have worked to advance environmental protection and quality of life. We are acting to protect life through our work. Our lives are our message.

Frontlines of Green Best Practices


Steven Schmidt: GreenPolicy360 highlights green, environmental success stories, models, prototypes, templates, proposals and initiatives, resolutions, laws and ordinances. All of the elements how to envision and create successful green campaigns are made available and easily accessed. Take the best green ideas, try them, share them and send them around via social media as guide lights, city-to-city, community-to-community, country-to-country.

GreenPolicy360, as an 'eco Operating System', is designed to share green best practices.

We believe in "change, positive change for the better" as 'planet citizens' in a blue-green 360° world so magnificently first viewed in December 1968 from the Apollo 8 mission.

The GreenPolicy360 network is a clearinghouse, an online hub where you can find what works and 'repurpose' green policies and practices without ‘reinventing the wheel’. Take the green best practices offered via Topics and Categories and pass green success stories and practical solutions along for all to use. #Facts&Science #Ripples2Waves #GetwiththeAction

Planet Citizen Action

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Share & Follow Us

Content is available under CC-BY-SA-4.0 l

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

GreenPolicy360 requests that all sharing and/or use of our content is accompanied with attribution to

Creative Commons - use allowed w attribution.png

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We are a MediaWiki, Global Netwok

GreenPolicy360 runs on an open source MediaWiki platform.

Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki

The wikipedia - mediawiki - wiki network is among the top online networks in the world. Wikipedia itself traces, one of the top ten sites worldwide, traces its founding back to our GreenPolicy360 region, St. Petersburg-Clearwater in Florida, USA. Here is the story of the Wikipedia and why we chose to join the wiki 'open network' to deliver our Green stories, as planet citizens sharing ideas and best practices throughout our fast-connecting home planet.

Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and others.. Wikidata also provides support to many other sites and services beyond just Wikimedia projects!

GreenPolicy360 is a 'Distributive Web' and Encourage Sharing of our GreenPolicy360 content/data

GreenPolicy360 News, Stories, Media, Best Practices, Initiatives, Projects and Programs have been shared tens of millions of times. Our GreenLinks global network enables sharing designed for community-to-community, individual and peer-to-peer distribution. Sharing multiplies the green message, ripples become waves. Create green waves of change!

Our GreenPolicy360 terrestrial home base is St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida. We arrived in Florida in 2000 and were active in the new 'digital scene' that began making waves. We joined in and your siterunner's work included being a president of one of the largest interactive-digital companies in the U.S. This is where the story takes a turn, as a new start up came into view. The name of the local company beginning to be known was 'wikipedia' and we joined in with the 'wiki' open-source, collaborative movement. The opportunity could, as your GreenPolicy360 founder would say, "turn ripples into waves" and we wanted to make waves.

Via Green Institute, our site was built on a MediaWiki platform, we started up by highlighting green best practices internationally and we began to create ripples and waves, even as Wikipedia was growing into on the top 10 websites in the world.

June 20, 2003: Wikipedia established as non-profit in St. Petersburg, FL

One of the Internet's most-used websites, Wikipedia, became the Wikimedia Foundation in St. Petersburg on June 20, 2003. In 2003. Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis and Tim Shell formed the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and comprised its Board of Trustees. The company was first headquartered in Bomis' St. Petersburg offices. The Wikimedia Foundation moved from St. Petersburg to the San Francisco Bay Area in September 2007 to be closer to other Internet companies and to make global travel more convenient.

As of 2013, Wikipedia, the company, had $45 million in assets, employed 142 people and ranks in the top five of the world's most visited websites with 16 billion page views a month. Its 30 million articles, written by volunteers worldwide, are available in 287 languages.

Although any registered user is allowed to post an article on Wikipedia or add to existing articles, Wikipedia strives to ensure accuracy by subjecting new articles and revisions to review by a vast community of editors and administrators.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited, read and referenced websites on the World Wide Web

The crowdsourced encyclopedia is a welcome oddity on the modern internet

Democratization of Knowledge

Networking and Multiplier Effect

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Green networking including with Green parties...

SJS - Steven Schmidt - Green Horizon Magazine on Founders of the Green Party.png

Read about the Green Party

The only political party in over 100 countries


Change the World

We are changing the world, the way governments run, the way businesses run, the way the world works. We are bringing sustainable change that will positively impact all of our lives and our environments. GreenPolicy's blue-green waves ripple through our world. From local to global, green actions day-to-day in every community are acting to change the world for the better.

Countries Nations world map s.jpg


SJS / Siterunner: GreenPolicy360 began as a Global Green online project proposed to the Green Institute by your GreenPolicy siterunner. At the time in 2003/4, I was a co-founder of the Green Institute and its publishing director. As envisioned, the GreenPolicy online network set out to be a GreenLinks global resource of shared green 'best practices'. Our goal imagined green policies flowing into practice, from local to global, a kinetics of action and dynamic change.

Green Institute's director, Dean Myerson and the advisory board including Bill McKibben, who was about to begin his "Step It Up" global warming campaign with the start up of, said "greenlight" to the original GreenPolicy best practices online network. We launched!

In 2006, our first test version of the site was online in beta. By 2008, we had expanded the network, it was renamed as 'GreenPolicy360', and Green Institute transferred its .net/.com/.org domains and oversight to our current green team and MediaWiki cooperative model.

In the years following, the GreenPolicy project has grown steadily. We have tens of million views of the main home site, and tens of millions more shares, forwards and re-forwards of content and pages. Our GreenLinks network is global and our PlanetCitizens media is reaching a worldwide audience.

Our partnered organization, Strategic Demands continues its influential work developing 'new definitions of national and global security.' GreenPolicy has extended its outreach with an eco Operating System (eOS) of sites (including and has linked with NASA mission management and scientific studies of Earth's 'Thin Blue' atmosphere. We are expanding capabilities and apps, and linking green initiatives, policies and practices in a growing worldwide open source network.

Ongoing operating systems updates include Semantic MediaWiki updates and constant online security improvements.

Additional news and comments from our GreenPolicy360 siterunner can be seen @ User talk:Siterunner

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Visit GreenPolicy360, Act Out, Step Up

GreenPolicy360 Action Categories

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The GreenPolicy360 eOS Plan

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GreenPolicy360 Social Media Network

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"Greening Our Blue Planet"

Whole Earth One Connected System Astro-Gerst 2014.png

It's All Related

Planet Citizens
Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

Be kind-2.jpg

Green Policy ... Vision and #Resilience

DYK? Yes, we do, we remember the beginnings !

Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg

On the 50th Anniversary

Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day


Steve Schmidt: Remembering the student teach-ins, the means we used to spread the word and we did. The Vietnam Moratorium Committee became the peace group and when we talked to Senator Gaylord Nelson and Representative George Brown about doing environmental teach-ins that would be the first in a series of annual peace and environment events they got onboard and put their combined weight behind the effort.

It came to be from a 1968 Earthrise moment, to the 1969 Moratorium demonstrations and peace teach-ins, to the 1970 teach-ins of the first Earth Day. What quickly followed was the passage of a platform, a first generation of U.S. environmental protection legislation.

The environmental movement that sprang from the global realization passed on to us by the NASA Apollo missions, and student activism, continue to this day shaping a new generation of environmental awareness and modern environmental movement.

GreenPolicy360 / Steven Schmidt: In the late 1960s I first discussed engineering with my newly elected Congressman from East Los Angeles. At the time I was a high school student on the debate team and that year in California debate topics centered on nuclear weapons and proliferation. George E. Brown, my district's representative, was trained in physics and engineering and was writing about international dangers of war and nuclear disaster, so I thought I'd meet with him and ask for his assistance in my debating research work. George and I began what became a long journey. In many ways George was my mentor and I believe he saw in me my generation's hope and youthful energy as we worked together. I was an activist/educator and professional whom he trusted in and with whom he could share his thoughts and agenda.

Until George's passing in 1999, I was fortunate to see inside what became the U.S. earth science space missions beginnings as a visionary man took on the the great questions of our era -- from atomic issues of deep science, energy, war and peace, the need for environmental protection, and climate research, and at the heart of all George's work in the 60s/70s/80s and 90s in Congress as a Chairman and leader of budget/policy and oversight of these new challenges facing the nation and world, I saw up close the vision, goals and plans that George was putting into practice.

Earth Science Research from Space, that is, measuring and monitoring Earth Systems, Earth's living systems, was front of mind in the world of George E. Brown.

GreenPolicy360 and I have been tracking George's history and memory. Do read about this generational journey and feel free to share with your networks.

Some of the latest work from programs George was responsible for proposing, drafting enabling legislation, shepherding passage and presidential signatures approving the missions are now, some 50 years on, producing unique data that scientists are using to reveal and intelligently respond to our pressing 21st Century challenges and George would be more than please if he were here to see the vision, goals and plans in full realization.

The Earth Information Center is one of the more recent reveals. It is an amazing online open-source database. Open it up. Surf around (as we used to say in Southern California). The vision of our world, our planet's living systems is a gift to know, share and use to protect and preserve life, and quality of life. As planet citizens our responsibility is to step up and do our best to make a positive difference during each of our lives.

Earth Science Research from Space is yours now.

The 1960s/70s beginning of a NASA Earth Science Mission Statement -- To understand and protect the home planet

NASA's continuing vision and mission - as of 2005.png

A Continuing Vision & Earth Science Mission

More on George E. Brown:

Earth System Observatory.jpg

Earth Information Center from NASA.jpg

Earth Information Center - 2022 Graphic NASA.png

Landsat 50th anniv Sept 2016.jpg


The 1960s/1970s and into the 1980s

Vietnam Moratorium for Peace 1969-1970

Oct 15, 1969, Vietnam Moratorium Day in memory.jpg

Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Moratorium for Peace, October 15, 1969. Photo by Harvey Smythe.

October 15, 1969 - In Memory

Rep George Brown and Steve Schmidt - Oct 15, 1969 - 448x305.png

Steve Schmidt and Rep. George Brown, 1969

Attempting to Turn from War to Peace -- and Beyond

A Counterculture and Environmental Movement in the Making

Memories of the Vietnam Moratorium and How Peace Action Led to the First Earth Day - 1969-70

Memories on the 50th Anniversary of the First Earth Day

The Vietnam Moratorium Inspires Organizing the First Earth Day

Earth Day Founder Senator Nelson Speaks with Organizers at USC

Calif. Congressman George E. Brown Pushes Forward with Students

A Modern Environmental Movement Rises Up, Becoming a Global Force

Peace Sign.png

Greening Our Blue Planet

An environmental foundation, initiatives and laws that serve a model for state -- and international -- action:

Env policy laws US 'the beginning' of env era.jpg

In 1977-78 the first climate science comes to light...

With Congressman Brown, we are a building first generation science for national and global environmental action. We are envisioning setting a platform in place on which to create climate policy and environmental protection over the coming decades ...

Your GreenPolicy360 siterunner was a participant and was there to witness history being made...

First National Climate Act, Historic Work, 1978

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner / SJS: The beginnings of modern environmental and climate science can be traced to the 60s and 70s. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences played a key role with scientific reports and data.

Energy and Climate Report, 1977, National Academy of Sciences / 175 pp. / PDF via GreenPolicy360

George Brown, taking the 1977 Energy and Climate Report from the Academy, made climate science actionable. In a historic moment, Representative Brown from East Los Angeles proposed and drafted the legislation for the first U.S. National Climate Program and shepherded its passage in 1978. In 1979 came the first follow-on National Science Academy report. This study and report of national scientists was prescient and accurate in its global warming predictions.

This first federal program established to study and assess scientifically the issues and risks of human-caused climate change became a foundation for comprehensive initiatives, and led to an array of new Earth Science missions by NASA and NOAA, the EPA and USGS.

US Public Law 95-367.png

At the Beginning of U.S. Science on Global Warming, Strategies & Planning

1978, Launching U.S. Climate Action:

National Climate Program Act, Public Law 95-367

National Climate Program Act of September 1978

Thin Blue Layer 768x432.jpg


Into the 1990s... Going Green Globally

Launch of the Annual International (UNFCCC) Climate Conferences

Earth Summit 1992.jpg

Remembering the First Earth Summit


Alongside Jerry Brown: Putting Forward a New Vision

1992: Governor Brown's Platform & Presidential Campaign

Pushing the U.S. Democratic Party in a New Direction

Jerry w Steve '92 pres campaign at the Dem plat hearing m.jpg
GreenPolicy Siterunner Steve Schmidt w/ Calif Gov. Brown

At the Democratic Party Platform Hearings
Presenting our forward-looking campaign vision -- "Platform in Progress"

Jerry Brown 92 Presidential Platform We the People.jpg

The 1992 Presidential Campaign "Platform in Progress"



'Going Independent: Proposing and Organizing a "Serious, Credible, Platform-based U.S. Green Party"

1994/95, Moving to build a new force in U.S. politics

Read about the Green Party start-up:

Organizing an international Green Platform with a Coalition of Green Parties

A Global Green Charter next came forward from a US-European Green Common Ground Platform


The New Millennium: New Green Politics

Turning from party politics to multi-thread, multi-party politics with GreenPolicy360 and

GreenPolicy360: Initial Proposals for New Definitions of National Security

Each of us can make a positive difference

Climate Problems, Climate Solutions

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

Earth in Our Hands

Earth in Human Hands.jpg


Our Biggest Experiment

Our Biggest Experiment - by Alice Bell.jpg


Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action

EO Snapshot 6-29-2016 10-44-49 AM.png

Our GreenPolicy360 'home base'

Clearwater, Florida

We reside on an estuary that feeds Tampa Bay ...

and yes, we are fortunate to live in a natural setting

from Ospreys and Eagles to Otters and Alligators

from Frogs to Snakes, from Raccoons to Rabbits


Hello Earth !

Looking with New Vision at Our Planet Earth Home

With earth science imaging you can see your home from space

and monitor your community's dynamic (changing) earth conditions via a connection to the worldwide internet

Spaceship Earth Voyagers with Stardust Origins


Pedernal and Milky Way - Photo by David Lancaster.jpg

Photo credit: David Lancaster



On the Road


'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg

SJS: In 1968//69 my East Los Angeles Congressional Representative spoke of the Mission Statement of NASA. This was an unprecedented time, a time when 'Earthrise', our blue-green planet as seen in space, first came into view. It was time -- “To understand and protect our home planet"