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Planet Citizens


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'Earthrise', Apollo 8, NASA

Earthrise to Earth Day

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"Earth Day Flag"


"Every day is Earth Day"

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The First "Earth Day", April 22, 1970

Let's look back, 50+ years...

DYK? Do you know? Yes, we do...
Remembering what we did to set a whole earth vision and movement in motion !

Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement
Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg

Earth Day Memories on the 50th Anniversary
Earth Day 50th Golden Anniversary.gif

Earth Day 2020
50th Anniversary of first Earth Day "Teach-In" / April 22, 1970
Art by Olivia Schmidt / BY-NC
Creative Commons / Use w/ Attribution + Non-commercial


On the 50th Anniversary (2020)
Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day

The Vietnam Moratorium and how it led to the First Earth Day



Earth Day 50 years on.jpg

Via the Los Angeles Times

(LA Times, 2020): On an August day in 1969, Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, was in Santa Barbara inspecting what he later described as “that awful oil spill” and “puzzling about what could be done to bring public opinion to bear on the lethargic political community.” Over the next month he hatched a plan. Teach-ins — sit-ins that offered lessons about specific topics — were the rage in the activist 1960s, and Nelson wondered what might happen if the whole country engaged in a teach-in on how human activity imperiled the natural world. Thus Earth Day was born, and 50 years ago today some 20 million people — a tenth of the U.S. population — gathered at thousands of local events, propelling concerns about the environment onto the national agenda, where it’s been ever since.


In 2023 on Earth Day, the Story Continues, Recalling 50+ Years of Environmental Organizing

Earth day 2016.jpg

Remembering Earth's Day inspiration -- 'Earthrise', Apollo 8, December 1968


SJS/GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

The following Earth Day page retraces footsteps of a Pro-peace, Anti-war movement that led to the first "Earth Day"
A US Senator (Gaylord Nelson), a US Congressmen (George E. Brown) step up in support of our student organizing and calls-to-action
An historic oil spill in January 1969 hits the California coastline and escalates environmental awareness in California and across the U.S.

Union Oil Spill On the Calif Coast - January 1969.png

Nelson, the oil spill and the student anti-war movement.png

Steven Schmidt/GreenPolicy360 Founder: Senator Bill Nelson, often credited with having proposed the first "Earth Day", was listening to us. We and Congressional friends were talking to him, meetings were held, conversations conducted during his California visits in 1968-70, and in Washington DC beginning in 1968. We spoke to him about our organizing, pro-peace and our shifting to 'green', pro- environmental protection work. Students were in front, organizing in California and across the nation, as millions came out in 1969 and 1970 Vietnam Moratorium and peace rallies. A 'whole earth, pro-life' environmental movement sprung first-ever images delivered by NASA's Apollo program, and arising from a 1968 student-led campaign waged. Student activists moved powerfully. Political figures and forces responded ...

Your GreenPolicy360 Siterunner is remembering Congressional Representatives with names like Nelson, Brown (George E), McCloskey (Pete), Lowenstein (Allard), Riegle (Donald), McCarthy (Eugene), Morris (Wayne) became our allies...

Senator Nelson, an eco-voyager, watched, met with, and listened to us during those years and then told the world how much we influenced him. He spoke of the genesis of his Earth Day proposal, pointing at student activism against the war, environmental activism against the historic oil spill along the coast of California ...

"If we could tap into the environmental concerns of the general public and infuse student energy into the environmental cause, we could generate a demonstration that would force the issue onto the national political agenda," Senator Bill Nelson (D-WI) said after one of his 1969 trips to California.

The day after the October 1969 rallies/teach-ins/demonstrations/marches that brought millions out against the war in Vietnam, Senator Nelson made a special trip to Los Angeles to speak to us at the University of Southern California. He told us we can bring positive change and to keep on doing what we where doing.

"I am convinced that the same concern the youth of this nation took in changing this nation's priorities on the war in Vietnam and on civil rights can be shown for the problems of the environment. Successful teach-ins on all campuses on the same day will have a dramatic impact on the environmental conscience of the nation. They will be immensely effective as an educational effort in arousing public opinion..."

Senator Nelson's staff described the work as a "Mass Movement" back then. The Senator received "500 invitations" to speak on the first "Earth Day". He accepted ours and flew to LA to say 'thank you'.


Sen Nelson Earth Day newsletter 1970.jpg

Flash Forward to 2023, 50+ Years after the First Earth Day

Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle.png

Mainstream Media Covers Earth Day Events in 2023

Eco-Politics in the News, Links, Support and Resistance
1970 - 2023 as Environmental Protection Moves On and On ...

And... in Washington DC, threats to historic climate legislation



Reflections from Students Producing the First Earth Day -- April 22, 1970

Bioneers interview with Hispanic activist Arturo Sandoval:

You were part of Denis Hayes’ team that produced the first Earth Day in 1970. What was that experience like?

ARTURO: It was my first time organizing on a national level. I worked with a very bright team. It was lots of work. It was very exhilarating. It completely exceeded anything we hoped to achieve. It was like holding onto the tail of the tiger. We were basically just trying to stay out of the way of a freight train coming down the tracks because the response to the first Earth Day was so overwhelming. It was huge. It was just unbelievable, and took everything we had to just try to connect the dots and get information out to the people and not get in their way.


Earth Right Now



"To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ..." -- NASA Original Mission Statement (1958)

"You can manage only what you can measure." -- NASA, Earth Right Now Science Program


EarthDayatNASA 2.jpg


Spaceship Earth-Buckminster Fuller.jpg


Earthrise book cover (2008).jpg


Day before Earth Day-m April 21, 2015.png



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