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A Definition of 'Bioregions' (without tendency to political 'ism')

Defining A Bioregion
“While there are few straight lines in nature, there are many definite and powerful edges—various ecotones, watershed divides, climatic zones, fault-lines and scarps. Careful attention should be given to such beginnings and endings, for these dramatic turnings in the earth serve as clear and powerful articulations of diversity.”
– David McCloskey, "On Bioregional Boundaries"

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A concept of 'Bioregionalism' was coined by Allen Van Newkirk, founder of the Institute for Bioregional Research, in 1975, given currency by Peter Berg and Raymond Dasmann in the early 1970s, and has been advocated by writers such as Kirkpatrick Sale.

The bioregionalist perspective opposes a homogeneous economy and consumer culture with its lack of stewardship towards the environment...

A bioregionalist perspective seeks to:

Ensure that political boundaries match ecological boundaries.

Highlight the unique ecology of the bioregion.

Encourage consumption of local foods where possible.

Encourage the use of local materials where possible.

Encourage the cultivation of native plants of the region.

Encourage sustainability in harmony with the bioregion.

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Most 'bioregionalists' see humanity and its culture as a part of nature, focusing on building a positive, sustainable relationship with the environment. Some have become more engaged in off-shoots of the bioregional 'ecoregions' scientific concept. The core idea of most bioregionalists is to regard nature in terms of natural processes. Dogmatic bioregionalists at times tend to reject participation in 'artificial' constructs such as 'nationalism' and political systems such as countries and states.

The bioregionalism of ecoregions captures earth science that goes beyond legal/political borders and looks to a systems approach in the study of interconnected bio-systems:

Watersheds and Bioregionalism (US)

Permaculture and Bioregional Design


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