Massachusetts Institute of Technology Community Solar Power Initiative

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The MIT Community Solarpower Initiative, is a project funded by a generous grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC).

MIT has been awarded funds that will provide the incentives for 75 kilowatts of solar power. Approximately 20 kW will be installed on the MIT campus, and 55 kW will be made available to homeowners and businesses on a first come first serve basis.

MIT's Department of Facilities and the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment , in partnership with Evergreen Solar, RWE Schott Solar , Conservation Services Group and Zapotec Energy , will direct this incentive program for PV installations on the MIT Campus and in the communities of Cambridge, Watertown, Arlington, Lexington and Waltham as well as in other areas where MIT affiliates reside and there is no other grant covering that area.

55 kW will be made available as 1-kW and 2-kW PV systems designed for installation on pitched, south-facing roofs.

We also expect that interested people may not have a roof appropriate for PV and may want to participate by financially supporting a system installed on a school, or other community facility. MIT’s interest in hosting this project is to demonstrate alternative energy options on our campus, to help raise the MIT community’s awareness of these alternatives, and gain practical experience with their installation and operation.

It is hoped that this exposure to the MIT community will lead to opportunities for MIT research to advance the state of the art in manufacturing, installing and operating solar power equipment and systems.