Maharishi Vedic City, IA Banning of the Sale of Non-Organic Food

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Maharishi Vedic City, IA, US

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Type: Ordinance

Status: Adopted on 1/29/03

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Banning of the Sale of Non-Organic Food

Upon a third reading the City Council unanimously adopted the following ordinance:

In order to protect the health and safety of residents, the sale of non-organic food is banned in the City. In additional to food labeled as certified organic under the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP), food may be sold that is not genetically modified (GMO) and has been grown without the use of chemical pesticides. The City shall establish an Organic Committee consisting of five members to be appointed by the City Council to assist sellers of food products in Maharishi Vedic City in compliance with the text of this ordinance by reviewing and identifying specific products that meet these standards. The Committee shall publish on the City's website a listing of approved foods and food products and update that listing on a regular basis.