San Francisco Unified School District, CA Military Counter Recruitment

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San Francisco Unified School District, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 1/14/03

Source File:


Resolution 212-10A15 Student/Parent Privacy
(Introduced on 12/10/02 United Nations' Human Rights Day)

WHEREAS: Soul music legend Curtis Mayfield said: "We got to have peace To keep the world alive and war to cease. We got to have joy To win our hearts with strength (they) can't destroy. People hear us, Through our voice the world knows there's no choice. Save the children…Peace, Peace, Peace!" and

WHEREAS: Despite a longstanding SFUSD policy barring U.S. military recruiters from our schools (Resolution No. 11-22A3 Military Recruitment), students are now vulnerable to the U.S. military's $2.4 billion [FY 2002] recruiting efforts and the military's new "open door" access to student names, addresses and telephone listings based on changes in the 2001 No Child Left Behind law; and

WHEREAS: Article I, Section 1 of the California Constitution recognizes and protects the individual right of privacy; and

WHEREAS: It is essential that parents and students of the district be well-informed of their rights to privacy from military recruiters, in addition to information about the practices of military recruiters and student alternatives to military.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Education of the San Francisco Unified School District , in conjunction with community based groups, counselors, and educators, develop a packet of community resources for every secondary school site with information for parents and students on their rights to privacy from military recruiters and information about the practices of military recruiters and student alternatives to military service, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: In accordance with Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act, SFUSD is notifying parents and students of their rights to request that the individual student's name, address and telephone listing not be released without prior written parental consent and that the district comply with each parental or student request for non-release of student information, and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED: That the SFUSD provide at each high school information about alternatives to the military resources such as the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO) Military Out of our Schools Program [ ], the National Lawyers Guild's Military Law Task Force [], and the American Friends Service Committee's Youth & Militarism Program []; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That information about this privacy policy be presented and discussed in all high school homerooms in the first week of each school semester; and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Education directs the Superintendent and staff to develop an opt-out/opt-in card to be signed by and included in the personnel files of all high school students; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Board of Education requires such a signed card be required from all students as part of their high school registration.

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