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McHenry County, IL, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted

Source File: (to subsequent ordinance)


WHEREAS, the Illinois Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act, 415 ILCS 15/6 requires that each county waste management plan adopted shall include a recycling program designed to recycle twenty-five percent (25%) of its municipal waste; and

WHEREAS, counties are empowered by Statute, 415 ILCS 15/6, (5) to require residents of the county to separate recyclable materials at the time of disposal or trash pickup as a component of the county’s recycling program; and

WHEREAS, the County of McHenry, Illinois, has adopted the McHenry County Solid Waste Management Plan whose “centerpiece” consists of the following measures to achieve and/or exceed both State and County recycling goals:

A) All waste generated in McHenry County shall be separated.

B) All waste disposed of in McHenry County shall be separated.

C) All municipal waste haulers operating in McHenry County shall be licensed and required as a condition of licensing to demonstrate the means and methods proposed to accomplish the above.

D) All municipal waste haulers receiving said license shall report on an annual basis the recovery results in terms of both material and respective tonnages to the McHenry County Solid Waste Coordinator.

WHEREAS, the County has adopted the Solid Waste Management Plan, as amended, which contains the additional following measure to achieve and/or exceed both State and County recycling goals:

A) Expand the residential recycling ordinance to require residents to separate cardboard, magazines, chipboard, phone books and office paper. In addition, require residents to also separate plastics consisting of HDPE, PET and other plastic containers.

WHEREAS, the County of McHenry, Illinois desires to implement its recycling program within its adopted Solid Waste Management Plan, amendments thereto, and the recycling goals therein through the enactment of this Ordinance; and WHEREAS, the McHenry County Board finds:

A) The recycling of certain items, including, but not limited to, aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, high grade printing and writing paper, landscape waste, plastic and glass containers, and any and McHenry County Residential Recycling Ordinance all recyclable materials, is vital to the conservation of America’s natural resources; and

B) The inclusion of recyclable materials in municipal waste generated by both the residents and businesses of McHenry County increases the volume of refuse which must ultimately be disposed of in sanitary landfills or by other means; and

C) The continued disposal of recyclable materials generated by both the residents and businesses of McHenry County will decrease the capacity of area landfills; and

D) By eliminating recyclable materials from the municipal waste stream, the capacity of existing landfills to serve the needs of McHenry County for disposal of non-recyclable municipal waste will be extended.

E) It is desirable to encourage cities and villages within the County to enact ordinances meeting the same goals.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the following enacts the procedures to be followed for the separation and collection of municipal waste and recyclable materials generated from residential dwelling units in McHenry County..

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