University of California-Santa Cruz ZipCar Car Sharing Program

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Type: Program

Status: Launched in 2007

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In Fall 2007, UCSC contracted with Zipcar to introduce a new sustainable transportation program called car sharing on campus. Already a successful program among campus affiliates as a convenient alternative to having a personal car on campus, TAPS is now expanding the program to allow use of Zipcar for short-term UC business related travel.

Zipcar is a membership-based car rental program providing self-service access to vehicles on campus, 24/7. At UCSC, all eligible UCSC students 18 years of age and older, staff and faculty can join Zipcar for affordable, convenient access to a car when needed, whether for business-related or personal trips. Departments can also establish a Zipcar Department Account for short-term business-related trips.

UCSC has seven Zipcar vehicles conveniently located both on and off campus, including 2300 Delaware and the University Town Center in downtown Santa Cruz.

Zipcar Santa Cruz Program Details
Initially seven vehicles will be available and the program will expand based on demand. Four vehicles will be located on-campus; two at College 8 and two at OPERS East Field House Parking Lot 103. Three vehicles will be located off campus; one at 2300 Delaware Avenue in West Santa Cruz and two at University Town Center at Cathcart and Cedar Streets in downtown Santa Cruz.

Some of the program details specific to the Zipcar Santa Cruz Program include:

  • All UCSC students 18 years of age or older are eligible to apply.
  • Staff, Faculty and Santa Cruz residents (21 years of age and older) are also eligible to join Zipcar. Membership will be approved by Zipcar based on your driving record.
  • Zipcar offers safe, convenient, reliable, on-demand vehicle access
  • Zipcar offers hourly and daily rates with self-service access 24/7
  • Web based reservation system or automated phone system
  • Vehicle choices include: Toyota Prius, Honda Element, Mazda 3 or Toyota Matrix
  • Prices range from $8 - $10 per hour, depending on the vehicle – includes gas, mileage insurance, roadside assistance, and reserved parking.
  • During your reservation, you may temporarily park a Zipcar in any legal “A” parking space on the UCSC campus, but Zipcar vehicles must be returned to their designated parking space at the end of your reservation or you will be charged a late fee by Zipcar.
  • Insurance coverage is included in the use fee. No supplementary parental/personal insurance is required.
  • Zipcar can now be used for short-term UC business-related trips. Only staff approved for membership by Zipcar may drive Zipcars.
  • Santa Cruz Community residents 21 years of age and older can also join Zipcar.