Tulsa, OK Commission on Concerns of Disabled

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Tulsa, OK, US

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Type: Municipal Code

Status: Adopted

Source File: http://www.cityoftulsa.org/OurCity/Ordinances/Title5.asp#Chapter2




The Commission on Concerns of the Disabled of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, shall consist of twelve (12) members to be appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval of the Council, one of whom shall be designated as chairman. The term of office of each member shall end on December 31, 1990. Subsequently, one-third of the members shall be appointed for a term of office of one (1) year; one-third for a term of office of two (2) years; and one-third for a term of office of three (3) years. Thereafter, terms of office shall be for three (3) years; provided, however, that all members shall hold office until their successors are appointed and qualified. All members shall serve without compensation. Members shall not hold public office nor be candidates for public office. A member who has served three (3) successive terms shall not be eligible for reappointment for a period of two (2) years.

The objectives of the Commission on Concerns of the Disabled shall include the following:

A. To promote increased employment on a year-round basis for disabled workers;
B. To promote a better public understanding of the important roles which the disabled can perform in community activities if they are properly trained and placed;
C. To develop a better understanding by the disabled of rehabilitation, training and job placement services available to them;
D. To cooperate with all agencies in providing work opportunities for the disabled in order to make them happy, useful, tax-paying citizens, instead of taxconsuming citizens;
E. To promote by education the removal of architectural barriers which prevent the disabled from enjoying both job opportunities and public service; and
F. To provide continuity and to work in harmony with the Governor's Committee on Employment of the Disabled.
Ord. No. 15160

The Commission shall create such offices or committees as it may determine are necessary for the performance of its functions. The Commission shall meet monthly at the call of the chairman. Additional meetings may be held as the Commission deems appropriate. It shall adopt rules for the transaction of business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations.
Ord. No. 14209