Stanford University, CA Folding Bicycle Promotion

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Stanford University, CA, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ends in 2008

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Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) invites you to try some of our special folding bike offers, brought to you in partnership with the Campus Bike Shop:

  • Free one-week rentals on folding bikes by Breezer and Dahon
  • $100 subsidies for certain models of folding bikes

Eligibility restrictions apply.1 Offer valid for selected models, for a limited time only.

Please email [email protected] to take advantage of this promotion. You will be added to the official "folding bike list," which is managed by the Bike Coordinator and is required to receive the free rental or discount promotion.

If you are interested in seeing which models are available, check out the Campus Bike Shop website.

1Eligibility restrictions: Individuals must live off campus, be required to be on campus during business hours at least half-time (if employee) or be registered in classes (if student) for three consecutive months or more; and be required to display a parking permit in their vehicle (if they chose to drive) at their principal place of work or study. Limit one per person. Promotion ends in 2008.