Scottsdale, AZ Green Building Program

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Scottsdale, AZ, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The act of building has a significant effect on our regional and global environments. In the process of building, resources are consumed, natural habitats are altered and the ecological systems that support life are affected. This has been the case for thousands of years, but as the world’s population and patterns of consumption have increased, the impacts have become more critical.

There are growing initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of building. New materials are being introduced that use resources more efficiently and wisely. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality are playing a greater role in the construction of healthy and comfortable homes, and efforts are underway to reduce water consumption and the inordinate amount of waste generated during construction.

By designing for energy, water, and resource efficiency, buildings improve in performance with enhanced comfort and lower operating costs. With Green Building, we can satisfy all of our housing needs, conserve limited resources, and protect our natural environment for the long-term health of our planet and future generations.


The Scottsdale Green Building Program rates building projects in the following six environmental impact areas:

• Site Use • Energy • Indoor Air Quality
• Building Materials • Solid Waste • Water

A green building point rating system is used to qualify projects into the program. Design flexibility is achieved by offering over 150 green building options, while maintaining a whole building systems approach. A builder, designer, or developer may enter any given number of projects into the program. The Green Building Program is voluntary and open to builders in the Scottsdale area.


As a consumer-driven program, the city of Scottsdale is engaged in an on-going effort to bring the program to the attention of the general public and building industry:

  • Development process assistance (expedited plans)
  • Construction job site signs
  • Directory of participating builders and designers
  • Certification (green building inspections)
  • Lecture series, workshops, and special events
  • Homeowner’s manual (explanation of features)
  • Recognition of builders and designers on city web site


Every builder and designer who enters a project into the Green Building Program is expected to attend at least two green building related lectures, workshops, or seminars. These educational programs provide information on energy/resource efficient and environmentally responsible buildings, and feature experts in all areas of environmental design and construction. Lectures, workshops, and special events are held throughout the year.


The Green Building Advisory Committee serves in an supportive capacity to help develop and sustain a pro-active campaign for environmentally responsible building in Scottsdale. The committee provides guidance to improve program criteria, promotion, education and special events. Members of the committee serve on a voluntary basis.