Santa Rosa, CA Endorsing a Campaign Reform Pledge

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Santa Rosa, CA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 11/14/00

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WHEREAS, the interests of the City of Santa Rosa are best served by encouraging integrity, professionalism and ability in political candidates; and

WHEREAS, the interests of the City of Santa Rosa are best served by having a broad choice of City Council candidates reflecting the diversity of the community; and

WHEREAS, an individual candidate's choice to run for elected office is influenced by the quality of the community's campaign process, the campaign's financial demands, and the civility of candidates; and

WHEREAS, positive campaigns conducted by City Council candidates enhance the credibility of the elected City Council; and

WHEREAS, the Council desires to encourage an environment that provides a level playing field for candidates and campaigns free from personal attacks.


1. The Council endorses the Campaign Reform Pledge attached as Exhibit "A."

2. The Council instructs the City Clerk to provide Council candidates with a copy of the Campaign Reform Pledge at the time they indicate their intent to run for office by withdrawing nomination papers.

3. The Council urges each and every candidate for City Council to sign the pledge.

4. The Council instructs the City Clerk to publish a list of those candidates who have signed the pledge within 30 days after the expiration of the legal period for filing nomination papers.

5. The Council directs the City Clerk to mail copies of the pledge to PACs and other groups which customarily endorse candidates for City Council, together with a request that these groups urge candidates to sign the pledge and further urging PACs and endorsing entities to share information regarding candidates responses to forums, interviews, and questionnaires conducted by these groups.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council directs the City Manager to explore the possibility of providing a forum for city council candidates on the City's Community Access Cable Television Station and also explore the feasibility of providing an opportunity to all candidates who sign the Campaign Reform Pledge to distribute campaign informational materials in a City utility bill mailed out prior to the election.

Campaign Reform Pledge

I am unalterably opposed to negative campaigns, hit mail and mud slinging.

I pledge to conduct our campaigns in a positive, issue-oriented manner. I will make no statement, which is false or unsupported by evidence, nor shall I cast aspersions on any other candidate through guilt by association.

I pledge to refrain from making personal attacks on any other candidate. I reserve the right to engage in vigorous, legitimate debate with the other candidates on issues of substance, public record and concern to the voters.

I pledge that I shall not use, nor will I permit the use of, character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or any form of negative campaign material concerning other candidates or their families.

I pledge that I will not permit any appeal to negative prejudice based on sex, race, national origin, physical health, age or marital status.

I pledge to personally review and approve the materials distributed by my campaign and ensure that the information is true,accurate, and independently verifiable. I assume responsibility for activities of my campaign and I will urge strongly all organizations that endorse me to support the spirit of this pledge in their campaign activities in my behalf.

I pledge to provide any candidate with a true copy of all direct mail literature, newspaper advertising and electronic media advertising that in any way references negatively any candidate(s) at least 24 hours before delivery to the post office, newspaper,or radio/TV station.