Rochester, MN Riverside Concerts

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Rochester, MN, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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Artistic Vision Statement
Riverside Concerts is a City department that provides the community with opportunities for high quality, diverse, and accessible musical and educational programs. The department offers a broad range of concerts, performance opportunities for area musicians, and artistic support services that help make Rochester a more livable community and contribute to the quality of life of its citizens. The department also seeks to expose audiences to the creative process in its many forms -- what and how others create, and to engage the citizens in creative acts. Both a presenter and producer, Riverside Concerts values the diversity of cultural expression and traditions, fosters the preservation and advancement of diverse musical genres, creates a sense of welcoming and belonging, enhances the enjoyment of life, and celebrates community when programming events.

The Music Department's mission is codified in Section 18 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances. The mandate of Riverside Concerts is to:

  • Develop, organize, promote and administer a comprehensive, coordinated music program for the City.
  • Provide music for the general public within the limits of the funds made available for that purpose.
  • Promote and encourage all music and musical activities of a public nature in the city of Rochester and vicinity.
  • Accept gifts and bequests for the benefit of the music program.
  • Incur obligations for commodities and services to the extent authorized in its budget by the Common Council provided, however, that all proceedings in connection with contracts which must be let upon advertisement and public bids shall be by the Common Council.
  • Take possession and assume responsibility for all property now or hereafter acquired and devoted exclusively to the music program of the City.

Organizational Values
Riverside Concerts strives to offer programs and services that help make Rochester a more livable community and contribute to the quality of life of its citizens. To that end, the Department endeavors to provide the a music program that:

  • Values the diversity of cultural expression and traditions.
  • Fosters the preservation and the advancement of a broad spectrum of art forms, genres, and methods.
  • Creates a sense of welcoming and belonging.
  • Enhances the enjoyment of life.
  • Celebrates community.

Check out the "background info" tab to learn about the history of Rochester's Riverside Concerts.