Richmond, British Columbia Environmentally Sensitive Area Adoption

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Richmond, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The City of Richmond is surrounded by environmentally sensitive areas. The marshes, wetlands, beaches and open spaces we have today need to be preserved for the future. Our common environment depends on the sustainability of Richmond's natural areas. By being involved in the preservation and maintenance of these environmentally sensitive areas, the community will be helping to save our unique waterfront and bring positive results to an already fragile ecosystem. If the community becomes involved in the maintenance and care of these areas, we can preserve and enhance the global treasure in our backyard.

Individuals, groups, schools and environmental groups are encouraged to work hand-in hand with the City to adopt an environmentally sensitive area. Liaison with Federal and Provincial agencies may be required for some projects. Examples of adoption may include:

  • Litter control
  • Select and target a specific area for clean up and restoration
  • Educational programming
  • Development of interpretative signage and or classroom materials
  • Bird box installation

Private organizations are also encouraged and challenged to participate in this program. By participation as Partners for Beautification business and industry can involve the community in clean up and maintenance projects to preserve Richmond's environmentally sensitive areas. The City will offer technical guidance and provide required equipment for adoption on this category.