New York, NY "PLANYC 2030" Climate Change Initiative

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New York, NY, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 2006

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In December 2006, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg challenged New Yorkers to generate ideas for achieving 10 key goals for the city's sustainable future. New Yorkers in all five boroughs responded. The result is the most sweeping plan to enhance New York's urban environment in the city's modern history. Focusing on the five key dimensions of the city's environment — land, air, water, energy, and transportation — we have developed a plan that can become a model for cities in the 21st century. The combined impact of this plan will not only help ensure a higher quality of life for generations of New Yorkers to come; it will also contribute to a 30% reduction in global warming emissions.

Use this link to download or read the Full Report. (Note: The file is 39.4 MB.)