Montreal, Quebec Tree Policy

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Montreal, Canada

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Status: Adopted on 6/20/05


Urban trees: a resource, a responsibility and a joy for all

Since 2004, the city administration has been acquiring various tools for protecting and presenting Montréal's natural heritage in view of enhancing the quality of Montréal's various neighbourhoods and of making the metropolis a leader in the field of sustainable development. These tools include the city's Plan d'urbanisme (Master Plan), the Politique de protection et de mise en valeur des milieux naturels (Policy for protecting and enhancing natural environments), the Plan stratégique de développement durable (Strategic plan for sustainable development), the Politique du patrimoine (Heritage Policy) and the Politique de l'arbre (Tree Policy).

Urban trees: everyone's resource The Policy for protecting and enhancing natural environments currently covers all activities pertaining to Montréal's major natural environments. The Tree Policy, adopted by the city council on June 20, 2005, is aimed at providing Montréal with an effective vision and outlook on tree-related activities.

Trees are key factors in Montréal's natural heritage. They represent important and essential assets for the community in terms of environment, landscape, the economy and social life.

Montréal's trees are far more than decorative objects: they are living creatures that must receive protection and care.

Urban trees: everyone's responsibility The city's Tree Policy, which was formulated in conjunction with the various corporate departments and boroughs, places the tree at the heart of Montréal's urban life and recommends a set of tools for enabling all parties (city officials, residents, partners from institutions and associations, property owners, etc.), to help preserve and develop Montréal's arboreal heritage. The 11 activities proposed in the Policy include the establishment by the boroughs of a tree inventory, of an arboreal plan and of public tree maintenance program, the adoption of rules for protecting trees on private lands and increased efforts, by the city, to provide information on and to make the public aware of urban trees.