Maricopa County, AZ Waste Tire Recycling Program

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Maricopa County, AZ, US

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Type: Program

Status: Launched in 2003

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In 2003, there were over 5 million county owned tires stockpiled and millions more privately owned, stockpiled and illegally dumped around the county. The waste tires were rapidly growing and a potential health and environmental threat to the public. To resolve the impeding issue Maricopa County established a Waste Tire Recycling Program. The program provides an environmentally sound tire collection and disposal service to retail tire dealers and Maricopa County residents.

The primary customers of the Waste Tire Recycling program are waste tire generators and haulers, who collect the waste tires at local tire centers. Residents can dispose of their tires at any waste transfer station or tire recycling center. Other Arizona counties can dispose of their tires at one of our centers under a special agreement and/or contract with Maricopa County.

Since the program began, Maricopa County has recycled and reused over 20 million waste tires on new end products, such as new and improved roads and field turf. This reduces noise pollution, water consumption, and dust pollution in the process. Over 4 million residents annually benefit from the Waste Tire Recycling program, as the program helps protect public health, safety, community welfare and the environment.

The Waste Tire Recycling program is managed and operated under a 20 year contract with Crum Rubber Manufacturers of America to recycle and dispose of the daily influx of County residential and private waste tires, as well as tires stored at Waste Tire Collection Sites (WTS) throughout the County. The program adheres to the State of Arizona’s prohibition of landfilling and incinerating waste tires.