John F. Kennedy University, CA Diversity Affairs Council

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect

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The Diversity Affairs Council aims to facilitate the ongoing process of multicultural inclusion and integration at all levels of the University. We seek to help diversify the organization in terms of its demographic representation, governance, campus climate, operating procedures, pedagogy and curriculum. We prioritize collaboration (throughout all sectors and ranks within the University and across cultural differences) in the achievement of our goals. Ultimately, we strive to make JFKU a more welcoming and productive place of learning for a greater diversity of people.

Membership goals and objectives

Goal 1 - Positive Environment
Create a positive volunteer environment for managing membership in DAC


1. Increase our numbers by achieving a diverse volunteer membership that represents all segments of the university
2. Ensure that plans, resources and policies fully support managing diversity

Goal 2 - Value All Members
Be a council that highly values its members and respects their differences.


1. All members recognize, understand and value differences
2. Recognize and reward individual and team contributions to managing diversity
3. Provide fair, equal and rapid conflict resolution
4. Communicate effectively with all members