Gloucestershire County, England Carbon Management Strategy and Implementation Plan

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Gloucestershire County, England

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted in June 2007

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Note: As the entire document encompasses 39 pages, only the Foreword is shown below. To read the policy in its entirety, refer to the source file.

Cutting carbon emissions as part of the fight against Climate Change should be a key priority for local authorities – it’s all about getting your own house in order and leading by example. The UK Government has identified the local authority sector as key to delivering carbon reduction across the UK inline with its Kyoto commitments and the Local Authority Carbon Management programme is designed in response to this. It assists councils like Gloucestershire in saving money on energy and putting it to good use in other areas, whilst making a positive contribution to the environment by lowering their carbon emissions.

Gloucestershire County Council was selected in 2006, amidst strong competition, to take part in this ambitious programme. In proactively responding to the risks that Climate Change presents, Gloucestershire has joined the 98 councils across the UK who have to date partnered with the Carbon Trust on this programme in order to realise vast carbon and cost savings.

This Carbon Management Strategy and Implementation Plan commits the Council to a target of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 2.5% per annum, year on year from 2007/08, to achieve CO2 emissions reductions, against the 2005/06 baseline, of:

  • 10% by 2012;
  • 30% by 2020; and
  • 60% by 2050.

This underpins potential financial savings to the Council of over £1.1m by 2011/12. There are those that can and those that do. Local authorities can contribute significantly to reducing CO2 emissions. The Carbon Trust is very proud to support Gloucestershire County Council in their ongoing implementation of carbon management.