Chicago, IL Animal Abuse Training Initiative

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Chicago, IL, US

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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CACC's animal abuse training workshops teach how to recognize signs of dog fighting and animal abuse in our city. Approximately 300 city employees from various departments attended the workshops. Additionally, we met with representatives from the three utility companies: ComEd, People's Gas, and Ameritech to coordinate animal abuse training with their field operators. We intend to continue this important partnership.

CACC has also participated in special training for police officers, run by the Chicago Police Department. In ten separate sessions, over 600 police officers, including supervisors, tactile and narcotics officers were trained. We plan to continue to participate in the Chicago Police Department training programs.

CACC has also sponsored and coordinated two "Animal Fighting/Animal Cruelty Laws and Investigative Procedures Training" seminars that were offered statewide to law enforcement personnel.