Calvin College, MI Dining Services Go Green

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Calvin College, MI, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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One of Calvin Dining Services' goals this school year was to further our efforts in recycling and other ways of "going green". We are happy to announce the implementation of the following practices:

  • Plastic bottled water at the Admission Recruitment lunch "Friday's at Calvin" have been eliminated. instead, guests are served water from glass pitchers.
  • For breaks and events on campus that are catered. glass carafes with Greenware cups are being used. These cups are 100% compostable and fully environmentally sustainable.
  • Calvin Dining Services has changed from plastic products to paper or biodegradable when possible.
  • Recycling is taking place in the Commons kitchen - with bins for glass, metal, and plastic. Aluminum is also recycled.
  • Recycling bins for all catering breaks and envents are being utilized to care for the environment.
  • Dining Services is using glass plates (versus disposable plastic). We are currently in the process of changing disposable silverware into Potatoware: a cutlery made from potato starch resins which are biodegradable from the company "GreenGoods".
  • For our cookouts, we will feature organic fabrics, locally-grown flowers, and buying locally whenever possible. We are also eliminating canned drinks, switching to 5 gallon Air Voids filled with lemonade and water in which guests can help themselves.
  • Efforts are made in the office to recycle paper and other materials, and being conscientious when printing documents, viewing or sending electronically when possible.