Anderson, SC Mayor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

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Anderson, SC, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Ongoing

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Interested in becoming a part of a progressive and diverse group of individuals with special interest in persons with disabilities? Take part in convenient, lunch hour meetings (lunch provided) to assist in carrying out our mission, and help promote our goals The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every other month, 12-1:00 p.m., Anderson Recreation Center, Murray Avenue.

To promote the employment of people with disabilities.


  • To create community awareness of the needs and abilities of persons with disabilities.
  • To encourage involvement in the community through promotion of gainful employment.
  • To remove architectural barriers.
  • To act as an educational, public relations, and advisory agency of persons with disabilities.

Sponsored Activities

  • Architectural Barrier Surveys – Study needs in making facilities accessible to disabled citizens.
  • Informational Outreach – Provide information on state and federal legislation, such as special licensing and parking.
  • Seminars in Industry – Provide employers with helpful information concerning reasonable accommodations for job-ready disabled workers to meet criteria for Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.
  • Awards Presentations – Recognize those who have made significant contributions in the area of employing disabled persons.
  • Journalism Contest – Make high school juniors and seniors aware of various aspects of disability through their research and interviews for their reports.
  • National Employ the Disabled Week – Promote events to focus on the merits of employment of persons with disabilities.

Disabled people have traditionally had difficulty in leading “normal” lives, primarily because of attitudinal barriers. Society has focused on an individual's disability rather than or his ability, limiting him from taking an active role in the community.

Recognizing the general need for educating the public on the many myths surrounding the disabled, the South Carolina Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities was reorganized and reactivated in March, 1977. The Committee is responsible for promoting employment of disabled individuals by creating statewide interest in their rehabilitation and employment, and by generating support from public and private groups in the community.

The Governor's Committee works cooperatively with a network of Mayor's Committees on Employment of People with Disabilities in several of South Carolina's major cities.